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eBay usually has about 100 BCR items listed, however BUYER BEWARE!   You will find bootleg CDs and newly created things like mouse pads. Be careful, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.   Do not buy any anthologies... there has only been one and it did NOT contain any solo material from individual band members. Look closely at the track listing. Anything listed as 'golden' is most likely a CD-R not a real CD.  There has only been one BCR video released commercially, it is of Shang-A-Lang.  If you want BCR videos other fans will make them for you for the cost of the tape and postage. Also be informed that certain sellers will bid on their own auctions to up the price. DO NOT bid more than you are absolutely willing to pay! Other bidders get annoyed and will up the bids so that any idiot who bids $500 to be sure to get something, will end up paying it. In other words, use some common sense; bid wisely. If in doubt ASK someone. If you need too email me and I will check it out. 

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